Let your name be remembered as a blessing. By giving, you are teaching values of leadership and responsibility to your family, friends and community.

The Simon Family Legacy Society honors those who have committed themselves to the future of our Jewish community. The Society encompasses all donors who either have pledged to leave a bequest or already maintain an endowed gift at the Tidewater Jewish Foundation.

Within the Simon Family Legacy Society there are four levels of honor.

First Step

By pledging to bequest a gift to our Jewish community in your will, you have taken your first step into the Simon Family Legacy Society.

Gesher Society

Once your endowment is established, you will be honored as a member of the Gesher Society.

Mitzvah Society

$200,000+ aggregate endowment or completed bequest.

Tree of Life Society

$500,000+ aggregate endowment or completed bequest.

Eternal Light Society

$1,000,000+ aggregate endowment or completed bequest

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Multimedia Endowment Book of Life

41 Members of the Simon Family Legacy Society are leaving more than a financial legacy. They're leaving a personal legacy, too. As part of their membership in the Society, donors record their own personal statements on the importance of Jewish ideals in their lives and in the lives of their families. These moving reflections, known as the Endowment Book of Life, are now on permanent display in the Cardo of our beautiful Reba and Sam Sandler Family Campus of the Tidewater Jewish Community. By making a permanent commitment to the Jewish community, members have taken the first step toward becoming part of this important Society.

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Current Simon Family Legacy Donors

View our current Simon Family Legacy Donors.

For more information, please call us at (757) 965-6111 or email Scott Kaplan, President & CEO, at skaplan@ujft.org.

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